Autore in Onda


During these uncertain and social distancing times, I wanted to bring together everyone's beautiful sustained pitches, but with a hint of improvisation, so the order in which you can hear everyone's sustained sounds was put together randomly before I started to 'sculpt the sound' and weave a free improvisation on my trumpet mouthpiece throughout. This is the first time I've ever created a piece of music in this way and I'm very grateful to my partner, Lara de Belder, who assisted me during the process. 

I'm passionate and determined to explore the moment with my playing and I'm used to playing acoustically, but creating this track has definitely inspired me to explore driving down another road... 

Thank you to everyone for their sustained pitches - see below - and to Knut Aufermann for suggesting this wonderful idea for the London Improvisers Orchestra's May 2020 remote project. 


from Sustaining The Music, released May 3, 2020
Charlotte Keeffe on trumpet mouthpiece

This album takes its cue from the first conducting signal in the LIO's lexicon of signs, "hand out flat palm upward: play a sustained sound". With the musicians confined to their homes the idea was to create an orchestral sample library. Many LIO members supplied recordings of one minute of sustained sound which were then used to create the pieces presented here. 
John Edwards: double bass 
Caroline Kraabel: alto sax, voice 
and, in order of appearance: 
Pei-Ann Yeoh: violin 
Sue Lynch: tenor sax 
Susanna Ferrar: violin 
Charlotte Keeffe: trumpet 
Charlotte Hug: viola, voice
Emily Shapiro: bass clarinet 

Knut Aufermann: electronics 
Stephan Barrett: bells 
Douglas Benford: harmonium 
Steve Beresford: electronics 
Phoebe Bognar: flute 
Adam Bohman: objects/voice 
Daniel Cano-Amaro: trumpet 
Andrew Ciccone: electronics 
Martin Clarke: alto saxophone 
Phil Durrant: e-bowed dulcimer 
John Edwards: double bass 
Sue Ferrar: violin 
Jacques Foschia: clarinet 
Dave Fowler: drums 
Martin Hackett: electronics 
Charlotte Hug: viola/voice 
Robert Jarvis: trombone 
Ivor Kallin: viola/voice 
Charlotte Keeffe: trumpet 
Gero Kempf: double bass 
Caroline Kraabel: alto saxophone 
Sue Lynch: tenor saxophone 
Marcello Magliocchi: drums 
Neil Metcalfe: flute 
Phil Minton: voice 
Maggie Nichols: voice 
Adrian Northover: alto saxophone 
Simon Petermann: trombone 
Emily Shapiro: bass clarinet 
Trevor Taylor: gong/vibraphone 
Martin Vishnick: guitar 
Jackie Walduck: vibraphone 
Sarah Washington: electronics 
Jerry Wigens: mandolin 
Pei-Ann Yeoh: violin