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We Stay Apart Because We Love Each Other. Love is Stronger than Greed.
London Improvisers Orchestra, 'conducted' by Caroline Kraabel

For over 21 years the London Improvisers Orchestra has been rehearsing and performing large-group free and conducted improvisations on the first Sunday of each month, working on a frayed shoestring and the goodwill of its illustrious improvising musicians and faithful old and new audiences. For the first time since 1998, the first Sunday of April this year will not see an LIO concert.

Because we and you are in isolation, together. This piece (WSABWLEO.LISTG.) has been devised, collected and collated by Caroline Kraabel from solicited 20-second (recommended handwash length) recordings by musicians from the London Improvisers Orchestra. Most of the segments are necessarily solos, but musicians who are in isolation together have also provided duos and (in one case) a trio. Where musicians have provided segments of a length other than 20 seconds, I have left them as sent, for a luxurious and varied handwashing experience. The pieces are joined together more or less in the order in which they were received, from 18 March-5 April of the pandemic...  more


Words by Adam Bohman, and 'Being Able to Tell if it was Good Would Make it Valid in Some Way' by Susanna Ferrar.


released April 5, 2020
Caroline Kraabel with and for the London Improvisers Orchestra. Photo By Phoebe Bognár, in Obertshausen, German