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Steel Jammer is John Welden, who composes, performs, records, mixes, and masters original rock and metal music, as well as creates original artwork used in the videos.

Sources for other images in the public domain and free of copyright restrictions are noted in the video description when used. Toby Welden is Steel Jammer’s Video Production Assistant. Steel Jammer does not use autotune, quantization, time alignment, or any other altering of the musical performance besides basic audio tools like equalization, compression, etc. All music is recorded, mixed, and mastered on the Tascam DP-32SD Digital Portastudio. Steel Jammer uses Suhr and Kala guitars, Boss pedals, Roland keyboards, Shure microphones, and PC Drummer Pro 6.
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A MINOR PANDEMIC (a.k.a., Pandemic in A Minor) Hiding in the village, they dare not go outside; An unseen demon hunts them day and night. Their sins brought upon them Heaven’s vengeful wrath; Covering their faces, they walk the graveyard path. Oh! All eyes are watching, for just the slightest sign; Isolate the infected and maybe buy some time. Lock the doors, draw the shades, barricade your home; One by one the leaves still fall, soon you’ll be alone. Oh! BE AFRAID, an invisible terror is haunting you! BE AFRAID, we’re doomed and there’s nothing you can do! BE AFRAID, don’t trust your neighbors, don’t trust your friends! BE AFRAID, succumb to your fears; society ends! BE AFRAID! The markets lay bare, no one wanders the streets; The plants overgrow upon the broken concrete. An eerie stillness descends upon the land; The few who remain still yearn to understand. Oh! IMAGE CREDITS: All images of pathogens downloaded May 2020 from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website, Public Health Image Library: The CDC notes for each image used in this video: “This image is in the public domain and thus free of any copyright restrictions.” See how many pathogens you can identify!