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Artist: Usui Yasuhiro Title:Anemoi composed : Usui Yasuhiro 2020 Jun 19th electric guitar : Usui Yasuhiro

I have been taking part in the internationally acclaimed Japanese free
Avant-Grade jazz rock groups like Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra and Satoko
Fujii Orchestra. I have been playing with many domestic/overseas
musicians including Ned Rothenberg (sax), William Parker (b), Phil
Minton (voice), Peter Brotzmann(sax) and has been touring worldwide. I
operate my own label, where I records and produces his own as well as
other artists’ music. I have released numerous albums, including Kenichi
Matsumoto Duo guest Usui Yasuhiro, Satoko Fujii Orchestra Nagoya,
Don't Walk on the Cat Side, Volcanic Island - Usui Yasuhiro & Elliott
Sharp, Thrgouth The Deep Forest, and many others. I performed with
numerous world-class avant-garde musical artists such as Jim
O'Rourke(gt) Elliot Sharp(g) Ned Rothenberg (sax), William Parker (b),
Fill Minton (voice), Peter Brotzmann (sax) Otomo
Yoshihide(gt,turntable), Ustad Gulzaman(vo) Paul Rutherford(tb) Parck
Chang Soo(pf) Zai Kuning(g) Ellen Weller(pf.sax.etc) Frantz Loriot
(viola) Hugues Vincent (cello), Motoko Honda (pf), Jesse
Gilber visual ,Jeff Lee(reed), Paul Kazutoki Umezu(sax), Yumi Hara
Cawkwel(key.vo,Carlo Actis Dato(sax), Raymond MacDonald(sax),
Seiichi Yamamoto(g), Atsushi Tsuyama(b) Koichi Makigami(voice)
Tatsuya Yoshida(dr) and Itaru Oki(tp), among others.