Autore in Onda


Invited by João Sousa, this quartet born under quarantine was challenged to record their own instruments with their own phones or recording devices, to create improvised pieces as an hymn to what appear to be random, but shows up as true connection.


released April 20, 2020

HERNÂNI FAUSTINO | Contrabaixo, Violoncelo & Kalimba | Bass, Cello & Kalimba
JOÃO SOUSA | Bansuri, Flauta de harmónicos, Sitar, Djembe, Taças, Feng Gong, Shruti e Voz | Bansuri, Overtone Flute, Sitar, Djembe, Singing Bowls, Feng Gong, Shruti and Vocals
JORGE NUNO | Guitarra acústica | Acoustic Guitar
JOSÉ LENCASTRE | Saxofones Alto e Tenor, Percussão e Voz | Tenor and Alto Saxophones, Percussion and Vocals

🎛️Mixed and Masterd on March and April 2020 by João Sousa, Arruda dos Vinhos
⏺️Instruments recorded by the musicians with Phones, portable recorders or other on March 2020
🖌️Artwork by Ana Calinhos (Cali Made This)
📷Photos by Hernâni Faustino
[Each track has its own cover photo][Cada música tem uma foto como capa]Partícula began as a Podcast on webradio, At the sime time its curators started recording improv electronic sessions.
Partícula was born because of that by 2017.
In 2020 Partícula and it brings new releases, new music, free from genre, free from style