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Titre/Title/Título : Culture in Absence Produit par/Produced by/Productor : Martina Weber Pays/Country/País : Germany Type/Tipo : Collage Synopsis/Resume/Descripción : Culture in Absence is a collage of recordings with sounds of various answering machines announcers from different cultural institutions in Germany, such as museums, theatres, opera, spoken in various dialects and accents. This collage was created in the first week of March when cultural institutions closed their doors to the public and with it the access to the encounter of art and culture places. In their manner, the tinny voices and the resembling announcements of the answering machines seem like disembodied voices, these are the voices of the physically absent. Where the physical limits of the human voice are reached for linguistic communication, media is being used here to maintain connections over space and time distances. But does it comfort? Listening to the 60 seconds recording again and again you find yourself in a looping queue which end you can not foresee yet.