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Titre/Title/Título : Broadcasting (soixante graines) Produit par/Produced by/Productor : Phil Smith Pays/Country/País : United Kingdom Type/Tipo : Radio art Synopsis/Resume/Descripción : A miniature bilingual radio essay on the notion of broadcasting.60 grains of rice (or kernels of corn) - one for each second of the minute - are thrown from the producer's hand, landing in front of the microphone. Some hit a bowl, causing it to ring; others bounce onto the carpet or the floor.As radio-makers and participants in human culture we are the sowers of ideas, casting thoughts like seeds into the ether, not knowing how they will land and what will grow out of them.This idea is explored through the sonic metaphor of the piece's sound design, with some of the grains of rice seeming to sprout roots or twist and curl or thrust and bloom or be chopped down; and it is "discussed" by the voices, who perform the act of translation (between French and English) as a way of expressing how knowledge is diffused between people. Their words suggest some doubt - "Je ne suis pas sur...", "I think that's where it came from..." - inviting us to consider how trust and error and chance might all be part of broadcasting.