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Titre/Title/Título : Nothingnesslessness Produit par/Produced by/Productor : Cristian Fierbinteanu Pays/Country/País : Roumanie Type/Tipo : Radio art Synopsis/Resume/Descripción : “Nothingnesslessness” is a short experimental piece on authority, fear and acceptance. A pluri-voiced character opens and closes for several times the window to hear and, respectively, to ignore the protests and the alarm sirens. Built like a mantra, it stands like a monochrome statement on multitude. This post-post-post-post modern “to be or not to be”, stripped of binarity, describes a repeated reaction that constantly decomposes into non-reaction. Depending on individual levels of humanity, acidic skepticism or divine grace, this kaleidoscope of oneness could inflict a revolution or a self-evolution.Directed and produced by Fierbinteanu Gabriela Fierbinteanu - vocalsCristian Fierbinteanu - field recording, editing, textrecorded and produced in Bruxelles and Bucharest 2020Fierbinteanu is a pop duo with activities related to music, sound, radio and video art, contemporary choreography and theater. Gabriela and Cristian Fierbinteanu have performed live on European scenes, including Berlin Konzerthaus (Antonin Dvorak remastered), and released albums via independent labels. Their works have been presented and have received awards or special mentions, as of early 2020, in international festivals of contemporary art, performance, radio, music and film