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Titre/Title/Título : How do waves propagate through space? Produit par/Produced by/Productor :Renato Grieco Pays/Country/País : Italy Type/Tipo : Collage Synopsis/Resume/Descripción : The simple idea behind this composition is the mutation over time of the broadcasting media itself. Starting from glitches recorded through a digital transmission going backward up to the voice of Guglielmo Marconi who speaks about the first radio transmissions overseas, realized with just a few Watts of power. After all these years, the untachable magic beyond the sounds traveling via ether is still the greatest imaginary adventures. But, before they reach your environment, how do waves propagate through space?English translation of the Italian text:I am pleased to be able to recall in a few words the experiences of the first radiotelegraphic transmissions at great distances, happily performed by me across the Atlantic Ocean on December 12, 1901. -Guglielmo Marconi