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Titre/Title/Título : Sailing Ships Produit par/Produced by/Productor : Chelidon Frame Pays/Country/País : Italy Type/Tipo : Radio Art/ Sound Collage Synopsis/Resume/Descripción : By the end of January I was finishing my radio documentary meteo_music, an inquiry around music from weather transmissions: one of the episode is about “The Shipping Forecast”, a 150+ years old BBC Radio broadcast of weather reports and forecasts. I had quite a bit of material around it, but during the night of the 31st I’ve decided to add something unique and record the Shipping Forecast near Brexit: the last episode of the day is around 00:48 in the morning, making it a closing point of the day passed and a starting for the one ahead. This felt somehow like a goodbye. Most of the noises heard in the song are from this recording, surrounded by a dull and repetitive motif of mallets and distortions: by the end a field recording of a jammed DVD music (which was haunting my in-laws house) comes by.