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The idea of recording the 7 p.m. cheer during the Covid-19 Pandemic started on March 21, 2020 when I heard the cheer from my balcony for the first time. This was in mid March, about a week before everything shut down in Vancouver and around different parts of the world. In my home country, Peru, everyone was sent home on lockdown (this is still happening until May 25 with a possible extension). Hearing the gratitude of others and taking part on the 7 p.m. cheer gave me hope and happiness. After I finished recording day 30, I still cheer, even if I'm walking down a street at that time. I'm thankful for the people in the front lines and to those who are taking care of their parents and elders. This album is dedicated to them. THANK YOU! Stay safe!

To my friend Dr. Yasuda working in the front lines. Family and friends who are essential workers, Blanch (my mom) , Mario W. (gracias Buelus<3), Marilu, Bernie.

All recordings were done from my balcony in the West End of Vancouver, BC, Canada. I would start recording about 5-10 minutes before 7p.m. and stopped recording for about 10 minutes after the cheer ended.
released May 16, 2020

Recorded and edited by Millie Wissar

Millie. I'm a sound artist, field recordist and communicator. This audio blog is part of an ongoing series through which I aim to raise awareness about the importance of active listening and sound as memory. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with artists, researchers, scientists of different fields.