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JORGE D. HERNAEZ (double bassist,improviser, electroacustic composer) In his performances he combines contemporary free improvisation, mixed music (with electroacoustic) and sound video installation, and quadraphonic sound (when the requirements are adequate) He graduated from the Faculty of Arts Degree National University of Cuyo in Doublebass discipline .He has studied with Salvador Amato, DoubleBass Master Class at the Hochschule fur Musik in Cologne, Germany, with Gottfried Engels and with Enzo Ferraris with in Torino-Italy. Member of the Symphony Orchestra of the National University of Cuyo (principal) .Founding member of CEMUC (Center for Studies of Contemporary Music) - Integrates the teaching team Cuyo Regional School of Film and Video.... make different soundtrack: Revuelo en el cementerio, J.C.Araya-2013 - /Reflejos, J.C.Araya, 2010. —/Pájaros de Mendoza, J.C.Araya, 2005. —/ El tunduque en la puna, J.C.Araya, 2004.\ —En la cornisa, J.C.Araya, 2002. -/Oficio del tonelero, C.Alcalde, 2002. —/Minotauro, Bettina Ballarini. -/ D 2, F.Santos/R.Sepúlveda, fragmento.- Integrated 2002 H DUO with David Haney, concerts in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, New York (USA), Chile and Argentina. Discography in SLAM RECORDS -UK. Integrates too Duo Mendoza ( with Teppo Hauta-aho), H DUO, Bajda&Hernaez. He played with different artists, Julian Priester, Burton Greene, Trio Nueva Finlandia, Riccardo Fassi, Eduardo Falu,Adrian Iaies ...etc. Gives workshop of Argentine music at -Sibelius Academy -Helsinki, Finland, -/ Portland State University - USA - / E.M.U. La Plata -Argentina. *2017 ,International Bassists Society Convention (Ithaca College, NY) workshop: Extended techniques: a reality in the service of creativity Participates in Teppo-Fest 2016 and Basses galore 2017 both in U.K (Bristol) with 2 of his pieces for Doublebass alone. In 2018 edit Signals from the mind, HBH Trio + Julian Priester, guess artist in Slam RECords, UK. In 2018 edits in zzz Musique label ( France) -In Columbia, HBH Trio recorded in Radio of Columbia University. -HBH Trio + 1, HBH Trio in medicine Show, Blaise Siwula, clarinet, guess artist. In May 2020 he edited zzz Musique Label ( France) Hernaez Movil and Liens quadriphoniques In 2020 he completed the Virtual Diploma in Sound Art in Arssonorus, Bogota ,Colombia Together with the plastic artist Cesar Panella, he made the following sound video installations: Espectro (2018), Maleable (2018), ...en tierra (2019), nos han vencido (2019), ...rueda que rueda (2019), Cefiro (2020), Cruz Negra (202