Autore in Onda


Artist: Adern X

Title: (Un)Silence

Year: 2020

Info: Pandemic created a rather different sound environment as the absence of traffic has made emerge usually unnoticed household sounds. This track is a reconstruction of the rise of these sounds, and their fall as normal life begins again, using movie samples. Its length is not exactly a chance operation.

Bio: Adern X is an artist active in sound and visual field. As a sound artist, his main focus is the manipulation and layering of samples taken from various sources to (de)forming an outer sound able to communicate something as art has a meaning only for who create and who listen, not a meaning "per se". What's heard is not only what's listened but also what is affected by the sound. The recording object, audio or video, is the basic building block of his aestetic as it's closely bound to theme of memory. As a visual artist, samples are replaced by photographies and pre-existing materials manipulated and layered to obtain almost onirical, or surreal, effects able to have a confrontation with his musical output.