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A results of an open call to the radio aporee ::: maps community and other
 interested persons:

 "Soundscapes in the pandemic -
How is the current covid-19 pandemic changing the soundscape around us?"

 A request to record and document the changes of the soundscape during the pandemic, whatever aspects people may find interesting. So one can find
 soundwalks through neighbourhoods, soundscape recordings, perfomance and activity
recordings, favourite places, or just what one could hear at the open window.
There is a map of all these contributions here, all of the above collages are taken /
 generated from there, in case you want to make an online link:

adio aporee

Over the years, and thanks to a broad community of artists, phonographers and individuals working with sound and field recording, radio aporee has collected a comprehensive corpus of sounds from all around the world, and has provided many collaborative tools for artistic practices and research in the field. (listen to a 20min piece about radio aporee here)

In addition to aspects of collecting, archiving and sound-mapping, the radio aporee platform also invokes experiments at the boundaries of different media, and public space. Within this notion, radio is both a technology in transition and a narrative. It constitutes a field whose qualities are connectivity, contiguity and exchange. Concepts of transmitter/ receiver and performer/ listener may become transparent and reversible.

(a note about the word chaos on the aporee front page: that's from around late 90s, a little excercise in adding aspects of time and patina to a webpage. links and lines fade slowly into a subconscious darkness, after a while, and will not come back unless...)

Udo Noll is a media artist and graduated as a qualified engineer for photography and

media technology at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. He lives and works in

Berlin and Cologne and is the founder and developer of radio aporee, a platform for

projects and practice in the areas of field recording / phonography, sound art and

experimental radio. For examples of his works, exhibitions and projects please see