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Mark Vernon 
The Dominion of Din  

MARK VERNON Submission - Chigiana Radio Arte 5
Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist who works with found
tapes and acousmatic presence. His work explores themes of
magnetic memory, audio archaeology, voyeurism and nostalgia. His
solo music projects have been published through labels including
Kye, Glistening Examples, Flaming Pines, Misanthropic Agenda,
Entr’acte and Canti Magnetici. He co-runs and curates Glasgow art
radio station, Radiophrenia and has produced programmes for
stations internationally.
Mark Vernon - The Dominion of Din
Category: Radio Art / Soundscape
Duration: 50:32
Producer: Mark Vernon
The Dominion of Din is a radio play made out of recordings from a
single fixed perspective over an eighteen-year period. It is created
entirely from field recordings made out of the rear window of my flat.
In essence, it’s a catalogue of exterior sounds that have annoyed,
disturbed or angered me over the years living at this residence – and
sounds that have largely disappeared during lockdown.
My go-to method of dealing with nuisance noise is to record it. A sort
of recording banishing ritual. The hope being that one day I will be
able to utilise these sounds in some way, converting these sources of
irritation into something positive.
The piece includes now familiar soundmarks such as the daily
delivery of beer barrels to the local pub, the shattering of glass bottles
as they are emptied into recycle bins at night and the weekly
maintenance of neighbours gardens that always seems to require
extensive use of a leaf blower no matter what the season. More
irregular sources of nuisance noise appear in the form of workmen
erecting scaffolding, magpies nesting on the side of the house,
drunken outdoor singalongs, overflowing guttering and a faulty
burglar alarm that didn’t stop for three days solid over one memorably
torturous bank holiday weekend. The irony is that on the only
occasion that these sounds have ceased for any length of time I’ve
spent several weeks doing nothing but listen to them over and over
The pub has made use of this time to create a beer garden at the
back of our flat now so at least I have fresh impingements on my
peace to look forward to as things begin to return to normal.
Originally created for the Amplify: Quarantine festival 2020.
Source sounds recorded in Glasgow between 2002 and 2020.
Composed between May 20th and June 20th, 2020.