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Mathieu Bec 
Title: Touch-water-rituals


Mathieu bec

For more than 30 years
sculpts a minimalist sound from silence to feedback
based on natural frequencies and acoustic improvisation
His outsider minimalist aesthetic summons an archaic paganism
by playing the "void" with his natural singing stones

Scuplting sounds,  this atypical percussionist uses various objects "concrets"
and questions the present time by breaking the codes of our physiological perceptions
the basic solo of percussions becomes a dark shamanic trance....unique experience.

He used to play in international festivals as boston, montreal, madrid,Paris, london.....with the famous french sax michel doneda (the elvin jones and fred frith 's sax) camille emaille, xavier charles or the japanese activist ryosuke kyasu

Track description:
Pagan witchcraft, ageless rituals, prehistoric magic ... how to describe the sensation one feels when listening to these singing stones, from the dawn of time?
It seems to constitute a magical /universal language. Cycles of wobbly rhythms are lost in a serene and deep meditation.